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Despre acest joc Court is Now in Session!

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All rise! The Supreme Court is now in session. This term brings a fresh face: you! Supreme Courtship is a comedic visual novel adventure game, where you learn about the people and proceedings of our nation's highest Court.

Master the powers of the third branch of government! Learn the ins-and-outs of the most important Supreme Court cases in recent history Uncover a thrilling political mystery that may put our very Democracy at ADO APP DATING SITE BE the change you want to see in the world! With so much to learn, you'll need to rely on your sharp-witted colleagues to get you up to speed! The Bench With nine Supreme Court seats, there's a lot of legal talent on the bench!

If you befriend a Justice, you might even unlock special side stories and endings! Check out our stretch goals to see how you can get your favorite Justice's story unlocked!

He presides over the bench with one rule in mind - never lower the integrity of the Court. A firm believer that caring is not a weakness, he works to make sure the Court is thinking of the people, not the policies.

Some would say Breyer is an open book or a chatterboxbut Breyer would say he just likes to share! Associate Justice Samuel Alito Alito is not known for holding his tongue on the bench.

Active, competitive and direct, Alito aims to take the shortest path to reaching ADO APP DATING SITE goals.

Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor Sotomayor is forever looking forward, and ADO APP DATING SITE aspirations for the future keep her fighting for social change and growth within the Court.

While the other may take a broad view, she zooms in on the minutiae on which entire cases hinge, building her position from the ground up.

As the newly appointed - and totally unqualified - ninth Justice, it's your job to learn how the Supreme Court works, and how your new colleagues approach certain issues. No big deal, right.? Players can choose their Justice from one of ADO APP DATING SITE highly-expressive avatars, as well as the pronoun they prefer to use he, she, they. Neither will affect the story or which Justices the player can befriend. After a mysterious death leaves a vacancy on the Court, you are appointed to fill the open seat!

What's that?

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You don't know anything about the Constitution? Or the Court? Or the rule of law?? Too bad they didn't ask you about any of that before they picked you for the position. Oh well, I'm sure you'll figure it out!


You'll Dating Femeie divor? Maroc your job on-the-fly with the help of your eight honorable colleagues and dutiful law clerks.


Earn the esteem of your fellow Justices, cast votes on pivotal court cases, ADO APP DATING SITE untangle a political mystery that threatens the very foundation of our Democracy! Gameplay Supreme Courtship is a visual novel game along the lines of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, with interesting characters, dramatic courtroom scenes, exciting locations to visit, and a central mystery. Players will have a lot of freedom and choice - after all, making impactful decisions is what being a judge is all about!

Players can choose their character, what to do in their free time, which Justices to talk to, and how to investigate a chilling murder.


Most importantly, though, players will learn about, argue, and cast a vote on a number of real-life court cases - and their decisions will have lasting impacts ADO APP DATING SITE the characters and the story. Supreme Courtship takes a page from the dating sim genre by offering character-focused side-stories and the ability to track and grow your friendship or "esteem" with the other Justices.


Raising your esteem with a Justice will unlock ADO APP DATING SITE segments of the story, and fill you in on the Justice's background and philosophy. Unlike most dating sims, though, there won't be any explicit romance or sexuality - we'll keep it PG In addition to all this, we've prototyped a number of other mechanics that we're excited about!

These extra features include: Generate your own legal opinions - mad-libs style - and share them with the world! Use your gavel to interrupt other characters and take control of the conversation!

This can be used to rewind dialogue to the most recent choice, allowing you to change your response! Defeat your fellow Justices in real-time debates!

Complete learning minigames that challenge your knowledge of the judicial branch!


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