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Raportează problemele tehnice și spune-ți părerea despre acest joc pe forum Despre acest joc Alek The Lost Kingdom is a game set in an open world accompanied by a young man named Alek.

This young man will change the world of Zarabon forever. In this adventure, you must rebuild the world of Zarabon in your image. Village must be reconstructed by you so you can begin production lines with the aid of your villagers.

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Alek lives in a world populated by 2 races. We can find in the world of Zarabon humans and Goblin orcs, dwarves, troll, mage and elves will be added later. Alek will be the hero of the humans.


Alek The Lost Kingdom allows you to create alliances and to wage war against other factions. Each of the factions possess their own unique arms and armors. The factions will continually develop with the game progression. The world of Zarabon will change to your image. In the world of Zarabon, you can create woodcutter hut buildings to cut trees. Your villagers will deliver the wood to the general store. You can also create some hunter buildings for meat and leather hunted by your villagers.

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The meat will be indispensable to nourish your Farmerul elve? ian cauta o femeie. The leather will also be very useful in crafting armors. You can create mining quarry in which your miners will gather minerals.

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Those minerals are important to craft arms, armors and shields. The construction of farms allows your villagers to gather wheat.

You can mill the wheat into flour. Your bakers can cook some amazing bread for your villagers.

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In Alek The Lost Kingdom, you must protect your city against your enemies and marauders. It is important to create barracks to recruit soldiers to defend yourself.

Your soldiers will always be your army to attack the enemy.

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You must also well protect your village by building walls and towers manned by your archers. Commerce will be important in the world of Zarabon. You can sell your excess resources and buy dwindling ones with neighboring cities.

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This commerce allows you to convert your excess into gold. Gold remains indispensable to maintain a strong economy and army.

Your Farmerul elve? ian cauta o femeie can create importants political impacts towards neighboring factions.

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Commerce allows the establishment of very beneficial relationships with other factions. It can lead to strong alliances which grants access to usually restricted resources.


Alek The Lost Kingdom will continue to evolve and grow. We hope to add to this game in time. We wish you a warm welcome to our community and to Zarabon!!!